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Okay so me and my friend are currently in the car, and we started talking about EXO Next Door. I said "I really wish they would make a season 2" then we kinda started making ideas for it. ITS AMAZING LISTEN So the girl (I forgot her name, sorry) goes on tour with them. *Of course Chanyeol asked her, and also asked her to be his girlfriend*. And of course they have to keep her a secret bc of paparazzi and fans. She doesn't understand why they are keeping her away from the public, and she thinks it a because Chanyeol is ashamed of her. so she gets angry, they fight, typical stuff you know. But then fans discover that she is Chanyeol's gf and chase her down. D.O comes in and protects her, and Chanyeol gets furious with him and her, so he leaves and doesn't continue the tour. PRETTY GREAT RIGHT!?!?!?!?! I wish this could happen(〒︿〒) hey how about we show this to EXO, maybe they can give this a thought
bc he's mad that D.O protected her from the fans *because they were gonna hurt her* and so he just leaves. it would make the drama more entertaining to watch😂😂
@imahurrucane Yea, I can see Chanyeol's character getting mad at D.O for getting there before he does. Points for Kyungsoo though!!! OHHHH!!! They should have like a special guest appearance from either Kris, Luhan, or Tao, (or all three doesn't matter), and they said they were just coming by for a visit to see how the group was doing or something
@RoyallyPrincess THIS IS WHY THEY SHOULD MAKE A SEASON 2 (///▽///)
Lol! I wish this could happen. But why doesn't Chanyeol finish the tour? He's gotta finish the rest of the tour.
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