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So I've noticed a lot of people on the Vingle Anime community love Fairy Tale. As an avid anime watcher I decided to try it out a couple of times and I just can't get into this show. Now before you bite my head off, I don't mean any disrespect to this show or its fandom. I just can't get through the first season. I literally have never been so bored watching an anime before, and this is coming from someone that also enjoys slice-of-life animes such as Clannad or Toradora. I understand that it has its funny parts but as far as I've seen it's just been a joke battle after another. Like they always try to make light of a serious moment that's happening in lue of comedic relief but that itself takes away from what could be a spectacular battle or show at this point. Personally if I really have to bear through a season or two ((just like I did for Bleach)) to finally get to the good part than is it really worth it? I remember when it came to Bleach many of my friends and people in that fandom told me to skip the fillers which were a season or two at a time and I just can't do that cause I like getting the full experience. I just want to be really entertained throughout the show, I don't wanna cringe at every single attempt at comedy or am I being too hard on it? And it's not like I even just like only serious or dark animes, I have a wide array of animes I truly enjoyed that weren't exactly super serious, like idek how many harem animes are like that but I was still entertained. So my beautiful Vingle family, and specially those in the Fairy Tale fandom, convince me why your favorite anime is worth the watch. and give me some sound reasoning, not just like some bs like it teaches some life lesson or the power of friendship cause tbh most animes can do that.
@marionette2613 @Jayage thank you for your feedback! I'll try to get to the Tower of Heaven arc before I call final judgement on Fairy Tale, hopefully I can make it to said arc.
Hi there :) Excellently worded concerns, and some I've heard often in connection to this anime. Despite being a part of the fandom myself I can respect where you're coming from. I myself had a REALLY hard time getting into it at first. The turning point for me was the Tower of Heaven arc (despite thoroughly enjoying two of the comedic filler episodes - #19 where they switch bodies & #30? where they do the theater production). But notably the Galuna Island arc and the Battle with Phantom arc did nothing for me at all and I was kinda forcing myself through it seemed. It seems to come into its own in the Tower of Heaven arc and the Battle of Fairytale arc, which is when I changed my opinion on the show and got truly excited about watching it. But if you already made it to this point and are still not enjoying it, there's nothing wrong with it just not being to your preference. I'm glad you are at least giving it a try :) Thank you for doing that at least and respectfully voicing your opinion! ^^ Good luck to you!
@marionette2613 @HenryStill It was the same for me. The tower of heaven arc is where it starts getting better.
honestly I love fairy tail now I'm now always 100% onboard with it I hate some of the arcs, characters and sometimes music. Not to spoil much but there is a arc in an alternative world and I hate it because it seems unneeded. So just watch the trailers of each part 1-22 and that might catch your interest but maybe Ft isn't for you everyone has their favorite anime ft is just good and fun at times. I recommend watching until part 2 then if you still don't like it then stop watching
When people say "it teaches the power of friendship" all I can think about is My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic <--see what I mean XD ANYWAYS! I would like to say that I actually had a bit of a hard time to get into but then the part that made me get into it was the Tower of Heaven arc too. Maybe it was because of the seriousness in it because to me that's when the show started to get a bit serious and probably because of the feels too. Yeah :3