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Heyyo! It me. So the last two chapters of Bleach have been just...yes for me. People complain a lot about Kubo not being able to tell a story, but dude is hella good at adding in some comedy. Also, he's hella good at drawing the female form. Yoruichi has always been a fave character of mine as well as Kisuke.
The two of them together is always a riot. Plus, who could be mad at that lovely Yoruichi booty? Not I dear sir. Tell me how ya feel about it folks!
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I love these two together!!
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I ship them so hard!
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She's my waifu....any other girl from any other series can't beat her on my list. And this chapter was awesome.
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@kuzuri96The chapter was hella nice. I enjoyed it so damn much.
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The ship is sailing with gusts of mighty winds馃憣 @msfancysunahine
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