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so...while I was in Chicago i raided the Kpop shop in Chinatown. I spent more than I should have. EXO, GOT7, VIXX, SHINee Key bracelet, BTS...don't ask how much n i won't tell. 😄
They had 3 of the 4 BTS 'Most Beautiful Moment in Life' cds. So of course I got. I don't HAVE a kpop shop anywhere near me, so....i fangirled it up.
I got TaeTae, Kookie, n Hoseok.
ALSO while in Chinatown, got traditional fare for dinner. THEY HAD KIMCHI FRIED RICE!!! so of course that's what I got. It was soooooooooo good.
So overall, between EXO'luXion n playing tourist today (went to the Skydeck at Sears/Willis Tower), I had a GREAT Chicago weekend for my first ever visit to this city!
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i went to the kpop store too haha i couldnt help myself. walking in there was like heaven haha xD <3
So im going to Chicago now
@JackieG1617 yes i did take the pics
I lived in Chicago for 18 years of my life and never knew we had a Kpop shop in Chinatown. I don't know how since I went there everyday to my friend's family's restaurant. (That was a confusing sentence.) Now I live about an hour and a half away, but next time I go to the city I'll have to make a visit. Also, I'm glad you enjoyed visiting my hometown. It makes me happy to know that other people enjoy Chicago as much as I do.
I'm so jelly right now! But I'm happy you had a wonderful and fruitful time in the windy city.