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Trying out new trends is so much fun. And when you have wonderful nails, then the fun factor is doubled. The newest trend which is taking social media by the storm is mirror nails. Girls everywhere are trying out the trend in their own unique way. While some are opting for only one mirror nail and the rest are being painted a different shade, there are many who only mirrored the tip of their nails. So get experimental and try different styles. check some nail arts and try those :)
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Yeah this is a pretty big trend. You can purchase them at the store. I have a diy card on this trend, def beneficial if you want to save some money. Thanks for tagging me @alywoah
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wow...nice! love the silver one.
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@jordanhamilton plz tag me if u post any post reg nails design
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That moment when you had something before it was cool.
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Most definitely will!!! Keeping you in mind @RitikaDas
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