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This is the princes 38th car worth 4.8 million. if you want to touch it bring 1,000.00 cuZ that's what touching it costs. When I see this I feel sick my stomach thinking about all the starving, dying, homeless people that 4.8 million could help. Seriously?????
@humairaa I guess the point is the imbalance of wealth in the world that means one person can afford something as ridiculously extravagant as a diamond coveres Mercedes while others can't afford to eat. While you're right @humairaa it is the government's job to look after the people in the country, in a monarchy, the prince and king are usually paid for out of public money, and they are essentially the head of the state ( that's why Monarchies don't have a President - no president of UK, because Queen Elizabeth forms a lot of the constitutional roles of the President) While there may not be people in this Princes country starving (I believe he's in Dubai or Saudi) their countries rely on a lot of cheap migrant labor to help them retain their wealth, it wouldn't be unreasonable for them to share their wealth with starving people rather than make over the top statements with a blinged out Benz..... @2distracted....is that the point you were going for?
@marshalledgar Ewww...I just looked it up ..I don't like it's face
@marshalledgar It's my masculine intuition
OMG! I lease a prius. no joke. UGH! how did you know?! @inPlainSight
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