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Hiya Nakama!! I made a discussion card about dub vs. sub before, and now I'm asking another common question:

Manga or Anime?

Which do you prefer?
Manga is the foundation for all anime! I know from personal experience a manga allows for audiences to use their imagination to think about how that life really is like and imaging their voices. Some people prefer the manga because sometimes the anime leaves scenes and characters out, and other times the anime may cut short before the end of the manga so they can leave you hanging.
Anime is wonderful too because it is a beautiful masterpiece of music, animation, story, and characters voices! :) Sometimes an anime may turn out to better than the manga. Sometimes the anime just enhances the picture and overall vision that the mangaka tried to depict. Some love anime because they prefer to watch than read. Some like anime because of the color and animation. Sometimes the anime may be different than the manga when it is made while the manga is being made and that can throw everything out of the loop or sometimes people like that ending instead. I guess it all depends cx
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I prefer both!! LOL XD I love the details of manga and how I can tear through it as fast as I can read (which is fast, if I want to). But I also love watching things animated, and the voices that come with them lol
they both have their perks. I like manga because there is more to the story and I like anime because it brings life to the story
I really like the anime. cause it's amazing
I love manga also for a recommendation you should read tokyo ghoul @tbell2 the story is really good and really interesting
I love manga cause it's fuller, take berserk the first anime was awesome but once I found the manga it opened the world right up! and continued where the anime left off. Not to say anime isn't amazing either, anime can add something more to the experience sounds changing visuals and can pull you in. In way the manga can't.