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Unbelievable what's out there that we don't realize is!!! I have to have the poodle moth! Adorable!!!
@EasternShell i never seen a moth like that either an ant. incredible creature!
oooo thanks @2Distracted. I knew was right to be scared. lol
@EasternShell I was so fascinated with this unique creature! What's funny is when I first found this existed I also had to know more cuz it had peaked my interest so much. Found out that its not even an ant although it looks like one. It's a very powerful wing less type of wasp. Very little is known of this little seen insect. They are only known to exist in coastal regions ofChile. Their sting is exceptionally powerful for their size. They have been seen to bring down animals as large as cows with only a few dozen stings. YIKES!!! I found a lot of cool info from this website. http://www.ourbreathingplanet.com/panda-ant/
@EasternShell welcome. moth have a wings in its body.
Thanks @Pmmikhbal. I was obviously confused. It makes sense now.
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