I know I'm a little bit late...I'm sorry! Anyway my Fcf is Go Ara! She was born in Feburary 11, 19

She acted in a lot of movies like:

The Magician Papa Detective Hong Gil-Dong Pacemaker Dance Subaru Genghis Khan: To The Ends Of The Earth And Sea

She also acted in many dramas like:

Hwarang Relpy 1988 Producer You're All Surrounded Reply 1994 No Limit Who Are You Snow Flower Sharp 1 Sharp 2
There's something about her eyes right?! is it only me??

She's adorable! How can you not love her?!

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@sosoaloraine23 the big image next to her big image.. not the 2 old men at the bottom.?..
She is great!..and you're right about her eyes!
She's so gorgeous! The first time I saw her was in reply 1994 so I thought she was only an average looking actress at first but then I googled her and watched more of her dramas and she is now my drama girl crush 馃槀