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SUPRISE MY LOVE!!! So one of my Sister's from another Mister expressed her like for Jin. If I'm not mistaken she said it caught her off guard. So my dear @EliseB here you go.
Hi @EliseB, I'm Jin. Word around the #thunderbuddies is you like me. That's pretty cool of you. You have really good taste.
What is it exactly that you like about me? My Eyes? My Lips? My Nose? My Jawline? My Voice? or is it........
My love of food?!?! I like food, you like food... match made in a restaurant. Can you cook? If not this must end now!
It's really important too.... Are you listening? Are you paying attention?
@EliseB Sometimes my jaw drops and everything falls out of my mouth. You may have to clean up after me but it will be okay because....
Yes I said it. Even though it looks like I said "lub" you know what I mean.
I mean how could you resist a guys who looks like this.
And tells you things like this. I mean both of those by the way. I'm not trying to smooth over that mess I made.
Are you thinking about it? Think long and hard about what you're getting into by liking me. Wait you're still thinking? Ok...... Wait for it....... Wait for it......
*BOOM* I'm embarrassing myself here... just for you. Still thinking??
Awww come on it was just water, this time. Don't be mad.
It's cool, I like confetti anyway....
See that wasn't so bad. Tagging my #thunderbuddies @ashleyemmert @jessicaacosta90 @KhrystinaLee @JaiiPanda @EliseB @Dianabell
I mean I made a rap monster card for you..... Lol @ElleHolley
lmao @ashleyemmert pause makes people pat attention. Calm down its coming. After I did @jessicaacosta90 @EliseB said something so I did hers first
@ElleHolley PAUSE! How come I never got a JHOPE card? We are sisters.... I feel betrayed 馃槀
oooooommmmmgggggg this was awesome! lol
Just chill lol I shall await my card@ElleHolley
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