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As part of the rise family, this tree indeed had thorns and beautiful flowers of white that feed pollinators such as bees that produce honey. Hawthorne flowers of may eventually yield a small fruit called a very with not much flesh. The flesh is important in helping the intestines mice food throughout the system while the inner snap seed/seeds carry within then another seed which is used to improve the tonicity of the emperor aka the heat. Wikipedia had all the info about Western medical analysis of the heart, how it functions, what is structure is excreta. Instead of that very interesting and easily accessible info, the negroid qualities of the heart contributes to the well being of the beyond and arteries. Moving towards the extremities they become smaller and superficial, connecting the body to the outside environment. Let's be more adapt to our surroundings and replenish or heart with seeds of Hawthorne to prevent damage of the mind. They are very intimately connected. After only eating 2-4 seeds the average middle aged man will no longer feel palpitations soon thereafter, and not will he appear crazy by loud random singing, laughter, or such. A wonderful tree and adjunct to any brain supplian supplement through tonight the heart. Enjoy cracking the rough shells open if this plant... Sarcasm.