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this is drunk writing so please dont be too harsh. Bsck to empty days and lost thoughts,- A return to my long lonely walk. Locked up in a prison of my own making. Waking from half remembered dreams, sweating amd shaking, Bars of brokem promises and shattered aspirations, Floors and roof, something like one of Poe's machinations. Ever pressing, my shoulders feel the constant pressure, The walls close in, a constant aggressor, But I cant escape because I can"t find the key, Who knows, maybe its buried in me. But i'm so tired of searching, So tired of hearing "Life is for learning." Because I'm ready for the end of the lesson. I'm so done and sick of the constant guessin. Please, if there's a quiz or exam, Give it to me now So I can finally fail and bow out.
I thought this was a deep poem. I like the flow, like song lyrics.
It's okay. I deserved that, I guess.
im sorry for jumping on you then and i appreciate the attempt at levity, it was jusy poorly timed
I noticed that and just tried to say, "take it easy"
then none taken. ^^ im just un a really intense place right now
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