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honest opinions.
ive added a couple cards here and there. And i just want to ask one thing. when you read what ive wrote do you feel? Do you get anything from it. Because ive always thought that if what you write cant evoke emotion then youre in the wrong place. Do you feel?
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I do agree that writing should make you feel something even if the reader doesn't like it. When I write, I hope it evokes some emotion, too:) It isn't the same as writing to please people. You'll never please everyone. I'd rather hunt for unicorns.
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i dont write to please others, i write to help sort through my own emotions and thoughts. i just hope that it helps anyone that may be going through similar hardships or who has been through similar hardships deal with their own emotions and thoughts. sometimes you dont understand yourself until someone puts into words the thoughts and feelings you arent capable of eloquently express yourself.
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