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We all have that one person in our life who is super special. She knows all about you and you love her more than anyone else. That one person who doesn't judge, always has time for you and is super dependable. If you have a bestie like that in your life too then consider yourself as lucky. Here the sign that prove your best bestie will be with u forever ....
1. She is the one person who never judged you. 2. In fact she'll totally get why you do certain things and stand besides you most of the times. 3. Boyfriends come and go but she always has time for you. 4. You can be your absolute crazy self in front of her and know that she'll love you just the same. 5. You have the best of time together; even when you are just at home hanging out in your pajamas. 6. You can count on her to be honest at all times. 7. Even when you have disagreements you know that you'll bounce back. 8. She is more like a sister than just a friend. 9. She knows absolutely all of your secrets (well almost all of them). 10. Sometimes you don't even need words to converse. Just a look is enough. 11. From the time you were tiny tots to now, dealing with adulthood, you both have grown and changed together. 12.There is nothing that is off limits... absolutely nothing! 13. You know each other so well that you complete each other's thoughts. 14.Heck if you didn't like boys, you'd probably get married to each other. 15. You can be totally out of touch and still bounce back the moment you meet each other. 16. You both trust and respect each other. 17. There is nothing you wouldn't do to make her smile.
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SO MUCH YES TO THIS. My best friend is pretty much my soulmate. I totally trust and respect her in every way.