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just a normal day for Teen Top
....I don't think that's how cpr is supposed go...
A for effort our darling Chunji
such great actors! someone get them some oscars!!! lol Ljoe
aced it kid hahaha... this isn't really goofing off but I made me laugh so I put it in anyway ;) shhhhh
kekeke the way chunji hold chungjo while laughing!!
Chunji is like "what'd you say bitch?!?! Say it to my face!!!" hahaha
wiggly babies ♡♡♡ you know how like people do expectation vs reality? well this ^^^ my expectation and reality for Teen Top kekeke they are so adorkable!!
xoxo angels!! p.s. guess what?!?!?! I got tickets to Teen Top's concert in Chicago!!!! ♡♡♡♡
Changjo doing a kickup looks like he is rising from the dead. lol
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Congrats on tickets! This was fun. They're ridiculous
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