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“Make sure the sheets are clean and there's fresh towels in the bathrooms,” Julia yelled from the bottom of the stairs.
“Got it boss!”
“And double check that the balcony doors are able to open and close correctly, we don't want another complaint like our previous guests!”
“You can count on me!”
“That's what you said last time too,” Julia teased.
“Promise, boss!” Mary stuck her head from the doorway to look down the stairs and wink at her smiling boss.
It was a sunny day at the bed and breakfast, the wind blew in a gentle freshness that only the lake could produce. Without a single cloud in the sky, Mary opened the balcony doors to let in the natural sunlight. The wooden floors glistened with fresh dew, making Mary skid across the balcony floor a bit when she stepped out. Her necklace banged against her collar when she tried to regain balance, making the wiring that held the hook stretch and loosen.
“Crap, that would've hurt,” she breathed when she finally steadied herself against the glass door.
“Mary! Come down, our guests are arriving!” her boss yelled again.
“Coming!” Mary yelled back and pivoted on the spot, unaware of that her necklace had slipped off her neck and landed on the wooden floors. She hurried down the stairs and combed through her hair with her fingers, trying to fix her looks as fast as she could.
“Hello! Welcome!” Julia smiled from ear to ear when she greeted the guests. Mary slid into the main lobby like skates on ice and just as graceful.
“Smooth entrance,” Eric murmured to her under his breath.
“Thanks, I've been working on my routine for the winter Olympics, think I'll pass?” Mary smirked at her co-worker.
“You're a dork,” he chuckled lightly.
“Welcome, welcome! We'll be providing for everything so please make yourselves at home!” Julia continued.
Eric's eyes flickered to Mary, “Yo, you finally took that gunk of rock off huh?”
“What are you talking about?” Mary whispered back in between her welcoming smile.
“That,” he pointed at her neck. She looked down then felt the color fade from her face when her hand patted her collar in desperate search for her necklace.
“Shit,” she gasped, then ran out of the lobby and up the stairs with eyes glued to the floor. <<Where is it? Where is it? Crap, this is bad!>> She stormed into the last room she had visited, tossing the pillows off of bed and pulling back the covers.
“Mary!” her boss shouted.
“Gimme a sec, I lost something,” she waved a hand at her boss before jumped down the bed and onto the floor to look under the bed.
Mary's head shot up to look at her boss, but rather than seeing the tall curvaceous woman that had taken the pleasure of teasing her all summer long, a tall thin man stood in the doorway instead with a face so familiar, it made Mary's stomach spring into a somersault.
“Please, tidy up the room so Mr. Kwon can rest from his long flight,” Julia peeked around the man and shot Mary a bitter look.
“M-mr. K-kwon?” her voice shook when Kwon Ji-Yong stepped further into room.
“It's alright, I was going to take a nap anyways,” he turned to look at Julia to give her a sincere smile.
She flushed, “Ah, very well. Mary, come, Mr. Kwon needs to rest.”
Mary stood up on cue and scurried over to her boss, bowing to Ji-Yong before running off to escape her boss. She ran into Eric once more downstairs.
“What's up? You look like you've seen a ghost,” he laughed.
“W-what are our g-guests doing h-here?” she stuttered.
“I don't know, something about a photo shoot. Apparently they're celebrities from another country-”
“Who and who came?” she snapped.
“Uhh, tall Asian guy, a smaller Asian girl, and a small group of Asain people carrying equipment. Why?”
“Seriously? Out of all the places in the world, he shows up here,” she grunted in disbelief then stormed off to the laundry room.
Eric had been right, Ji-Yong was there for a photo shoot in a nearby location, along with another YG model. The first part of the photo shoot was to take place in the afternoon. Mary had kept her distance for Ji-Yong all day but the thought of having THE Kwon Ji-Yong in such close proximity had made her more curious than a cat around a toaster.
Her constant presences outside allowed for open interaction with the staff members that were taking part of the photo shoot. She watched in awe as her bias tried effortlessly to configure natural yet powerful poses. When Ji-Yong's eyes would catch Mary's, she turn away quickly and act as if doing something else, the sudden action had begun to intrigue him.
“Don't stay out too long,” Julia called out as Mary descended down the sandy path towards the lakefront.
“I'll be careful!” Mary smiled back at her boss.
Once out of earshot, she pulled out her iPod and scrolled through the endless library of music until she found her Kpop folder. <<If I can't find my necklace, I might as well start from scratch.>> She sighed and kicked off her shoes to bury her toes in the cool sand. Sober by BigBang began to pour out of her iPod's speaker. She pounced around mindlessly while her eyes stayed glued to the sand in search of lake glass. From a distance away, Ji-Yong leaned against the wooden balcony, watching Mary release the free spirit within her.
The evening had finally deepen with different hues of purple and blue, making Mary find a comfortable spot in the sand to sit. She buried her toes in the sand then drew a simple heart into its grains and filled it with the lake glass she had gathered. Her iPod played gentle music that warmed her vocals. Her voice was soft but louder than enough to overpower the noise of the tide that crashed at her feet. The stars began to peek through the cloak of darkness along with the moon and its shining facade. Her iPod went silent due to low battery life, but it didn't stop her from singing the acapella version of That XX. She smiled to herself when she realized how badly she was going to mess up at the rap part and prepared herself for the self humiliation.
The sand shifts behind her, she jerks around at the unexpected movement and feels her stomach launch into a somersault once more when Ji-Yong takes over the rap in the song. He leans his chin on his knees and smiles at her, keeping constant eye contact with her until the end of the rap where he motioned her to continue with the chorus. Their voices harmonized perfectly as they serenaded the moon. Mary's heart pounded in her ears, she could feel the heat rising to her cheeks with the presence of Kwon Ji-Yong.
“I take it you enjoy Kpop?” he asked as soon as they finished singing. Mary nodded slowly, unsure of what to say after dodging him all day.
“Who are you favorite artists?” he pressed on with a sly smile.
“Y-you,” she mumbled, half afraid of how he would respond.
Ji-Yong looked away and smiled shyly. For a brief second, she was able to relax but when his eyes flickered back to her, she froze in place.
“Why don't you interact with me like you do with others?” his voice was gentle but stern.
The color drained from her face at the major curve ball that he had thrown her, her heart raced against the seconds that ticked by, “B-because I like p-polar bears,” she responded, then quickly realized what had been produced and immediately gets up, accidentally kicking the heart of lake glass and scattering them as she left.
Ji-Yong followed her with his eyes until she disappeared into the shadows, he shook his head and smiled like an idiot at how nervous he had made Mary. He stands up to leave but accidentally steps on one of a lake glass that had been separated from its collected group. He leans down and picks it up, feeling its smooth surface against his fingertips.
“Why does this look so familiar?” his eyebrows furrowed. He slid it into his pocket and retraced the steps that Mary had taken back to the bed and breakfast.
“Wake up honey, we've have to start breakfast,” Julia shook Mary lightly. Mary stirred around for a bit then sat up and rubbed her eyes. She glanced around the room, nothing was out of place.
<<It was just a dream.>> her thoughts concluded after replaying the memories of Ji-Yong.
She let her hair loose and quickly curled the tips, “it feels like it's gonna be a good day,” she smiled to herself when she poked her head out the window to catch a whiff of the calming breeze. She rolled up her jeans just above her ankles and laced her converse into play. Her t-shirt hanged off her body comfortably, tying her attire of the day into a cute classy look.
With breakfast underway, she hurried up the stairs to let the guests know when breakfast would be ready to go. The window at the end of the hallway captured the full light of the sun, embracing Mary into a mystic glow. She hummed to herself as she reached the latch and opened the window. A pair of arms wrapped around her neck with a cool metal, then clipped the the two hooks together and let the metal fall against Mary's collar.
She gasped and spun around. Ji-Yong stood smiling behind her, amused at the shock he had given her.
“I believe that belongs to you,” he pointed at her neck. Mary patted her collar and felt the presence of her necklace once again, smiling brightly in response.
“Thank you so much! How could I ever repay you?”
Ji-Yong stepped forward, cornering her against the wall,“you have my attention,” he breathes, biting his lip while eyeing her lips.
“W-why?” she remembered to breathe.
“Just do.” His face just inches away.
“Why did you have to show up here, out of all places?”
“Does it bother you?” he flashed his famous smile at her.
“No, but it makes my heart ache,” she blushed.
“Dragons show up at unexpected places to take pretty girls away,” he murmured then planted a soft kiss on her lips. <3
Geez GD, if you didn't kill this girl with the sudden appearance, you're definitely gonna get her with that kiss! <3 :3
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this was adorable!!!! I laughed mad loud when she said she likes polar bear.
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This was adorable! Loved it! :)
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