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Exodus (Exo FanFic Chapter 4)

Chapter 4~ Suho


"My lady, Xerusians know our plans." General Kim said, standing behind me. I was on the floor playing with my two new little ones, Junmyun and Yixing. "So that means we have a spy in our system? General Kim, I'm sure you know what to do to keep our people out of harms way, don't you?" I asked him. "uhh, yes my lady I do." he said hesitating. "Why do seem of not sure of yourself General Kim?" I asked him as I got up from the floor to look at him. "It's not that I'm sure of myself, my lady, it's just I don't think we have the moment to act on what they have planned for us, my lady." he said looking into my eyes. "I see, we will see what they have in stored for us but in the meantime I think it will be safer to either get very one who wants the safety of a new home to evacuate the planet or stay on this planet either one. They have a choice to choose. "Yes, my lady" he said bowing to me and leaving me with my two children. There was a knock on the door. "come in." I said to the person on the other side of the door. "my lady you called for us?" one of the ladies I called for. Her sister and her are leaving the planet to live on earth with their fiance and husband. I thought it would be a good idea to have someone related to each other to take Junmyun and Yixing. They would make them cousin but once they grow up they are going to find out they had been blood brother along and find their other brothers. "Here take my son Junmyun and name him Suho. Take care of him like he is a son to you. Keep him and Yixing close together as cousin but when they are older tell them that they are siblings and need to find their other brothers." I said handing her Junmyun. She nod and I turned around to give Yixing to her sister. They thanked me and left to leave for earth.

~Marseille 1991~

After leave planet exo with Suho in my arms. My fiance and I ended up in Marseille. We decided to get a hotel room first, so we can look for houses the next day. My fiance was out buying us food, as I was sitting on the bed with Suho laying in front of me. He was wide awake and moving his tiny arms and legs. "Suho, I know I'm not your real mom but I will treat you like your my own son. I'll cherish very moment we have as a family. And I promise to guide you all through life." I told him as I bent down and kissed his forehead. By this time, my fiance comes through the door with a sack of food in it. I grabbed Suho and handed him over to my fiance as I took the bag and started cooking. I wasn't a very good cook but my fiance eats whatever I make, even if it turn out bad. I watch him play with Suho. They were smiling and laughing, which made me smile. "Honey, dinner is ready" I called out. My fiance got up and came to the table while holding Suho in his arms. I smiled at them and sat down. My fiance lend over, kissed my cheek and said "I love you " before he started to eat.
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