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Any Jay Park fans near ATL
nothing kpop related ever really comes to atl ....except for the last year with bts and well you all know that company sucked. so normally I end up having to spend a fortune to but a plane ticket to ny and then on the concert ticket also. but it's hard for me to believe that there aren't any other kpop fans close to this area... anyone else want more kpop concerts or events to come to atl?
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@KaiJae what why?! Wasn't the original plan 1k. ..why add on another 1000? I feel like they are purposely trying to make us fail.
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@BluBear07 1k was for them to consider adding it. 2k is to help chose a venue. the more people who want to go the better. they need to see if it will be profitable and need to convince a venue to let them use it. and some other reasons. but all I know for sure is getting 1k or 2k does not give the solid ok
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I have a question : my friends want to bring them to Kc or somewhere in Missouri but we don't know the deadline. is it too late?
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@SashaLove the deadline was 2/23 by 11:59pm
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tear whelp I'm too late 馃槶
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