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Taking a photograph of someone you don’t know is one of the most difficult things to do for many beginning photographers. Although many people think of the National Geographic Society as being home to wonderful pictures of wildlife, in truth most of the photos are of what we refer to as pictures of the human condition. Photography is a powerful tool for showing what the world is like on a human level. So, how do you get comfortable taking pictures of people? First step: Do not be afraid.You shouldrealize that most people don’t mind being photographed. I still realized my first assignment was take photo of random people on the club to take photos of them. I was afraid at first, but then they all smiled and let me take their photos. Give yourself an assignment — a story that you would like to cover. Go out, ask their permission to take a shot, smile. A smile is really powerfull then you think. It would connect you and the strangers easily. Give them a complement. And from that complements try to develop into a small conversation. :) Also don’t forget that since you are getting something from this social contract you should try to give something back. For example, that beautiful girl selling lavender at the seaside in Croatia? Buy some of her lavender then stick around a little and get a great photo. Crazy street musician in Rome? Throw a little something in his hat. Amazing-looking barber in Beijing? Maybe it’s time for you to get a haircut. Might not be the best haircut you’ve ever had, but you will get much better photos — and one really great story to tell..
In my travel around Europe, I found smile is the best way to get close to a person, talk to them and then ask their permisson to take a photo. That is what I always do :)
Oh really nice tip !!