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when you really love/like someone you don't judge them on how they look. what matters is your heart, and your feelings for one another.
Age: yes, sometimes age matter. in the picture it says "mind over matter. if you dont mind it, it won't matter." there are a few celebrity's who are in love , and have guys older or girls older then them. what i mention before is it doesn't matter, how you see the persons age.
height: height honestly doesn't matter. if a guy doesnt like you cause of your height then he needs to go check out the world. there are women/girls who are tall. i am tall im 5'10. anyways ladies if a guy doesn't care about your height then keep him. hes going to be a spontaneous keeper. now girls if your like 4'9? *im just putting it to set a example. dont get offended please* okay so as i was mentioning. if your 4'9, and theres a guy you like thats 6'3. it wont matter as long as he likes/loves you back. thats what matters.
weight: in this picture you see above. this couple inspires me. they dont care how each other looks or the differences. this couple will show the world that love doesn't matter how you look like. the woman in the photo is beautiful! i love her even though i dont know her. the couple inspires me towards love that it doesnt matter what HEIGHT, WEIGHT, AND TALLNESS means. it means that you love the person back for the way they are. you should go for the personalities.
@nicolejb exactly there should be guys like that instead of being like "i want a girl with a big ass" or "big boobs"
@nicolejb yesssss, you know i feel!
@altiar620al ugh that makes me cringe. And girls do that too you know... "I want a guy with giant arms" or "I want a guy taller than me" when it comes down to it those are just nice little perks. not the reason you fall in love
wow. this card is amazing. I really believe that true love isn't about seeing, but it's about feeling and the personal bond you two share. I've dated a variety of guys that were smart, funny and interesting. it didn't matter what they look like!