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Hello my very lovely Nakama!

A very special hello to my black brothers and sisters! February here in America is indeed Black History month and unfortunately it gets overshadowed by Valentine's day and this year all the the presidential primaries and caucuses.
I can go on and on about how short February is and how big Black History is but this is not a political card. I'm here to talk about the super black characters that we love in anime!
As you probably know most anime characters are Japanese; the ones who are not are aliens or demons. There are a few characters who aren't Japanese, demons or aliens and we get some kick ass black characters. It is indeed Super Sunday so I will get to this weeks question but first a small tribute to our favorite black characters!

The Black History of anime!

From being Raikage to Samurai and Shinigami Captian to Pirate sniper; there are many important Black Characters in anime! In early stages on anime black people came across as racist stereotypes but over time they grew to have much more respectable roles. The Raikage of Naruto and his rapping adopted brother, Killer B, hold much respect as two of the most powerful characters in the Nruto series. Kaname Tosen is the blind ex-captain of the 13 Gotei; even if he did betray the Soul Society he's strong and valiant. Let's not forget our favorite afro samurai: Afro Samurai; a dope badass Samurai who will cut down anyone with a very simplistic name! Of course my favorite anime is no stranger to the black community (even if the early days were kinda racist, General Black being black). Uub is the reincarnation of the ultra powerful Majin Buu; He comes from a small village but with the right training could be stronger than Majin Buu himself (hopefully he gets used right in Dragon Ball Super). Zombies and meisters get they're roll too! Zombie and teacher Sid along with meister and student Kilik Rung make themselves known in Soul Eater! The Straw Hat Pirates own sniper Usopp is a master marksmen from Africa (according to a recent interview from Eiichiro Oda). Last but not least the badass leader of the mercenary group from Black Lagoon; the man who keeps it all together: Dutch!
These and many other characters make up the great history of black anime characters!
So on to this weeks question: Who's your favorite black anime character?

Mine of course is the ever so lovely Yoruichi Shihoin!

More than just a pretty face and a rocking bod; Yoruichi is a true badass. Originally seen as a cat that helps Ichigo and his friends harness their powers. She's the former captain of the 2nd squad of the 13 Gotei and the founder and first leader of the Soul Society stealth force. She really is quite the women beautiful, brash and bold.

I hope you enjoyed my small tribute to the great anime black characters. There are so much more so who's your favorite?

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Make sure you remember all the great people of black history the rest of February and thank you for reading, have a great day!!
Yoruichi is my favorite as well :D she's skilled in combat has an excellent back story, great character development, and isn't just a pretty face an all round balance of greatness Yoruichi will stand the test of time for me as not only my favorite black character, but my favorite female character :3
no prob glad to see friendship passed between all
happy black day everyone
@ZephyrBlaze you're so right it's amazing she's a double dosage of awesome : black and female! 馃槃
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