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Man, mornin' Nakama!!! I just watched the latest ep (ep. 20) just now and after I finished it I was just screaming and surprised and happy and feeling all types of emotions for this semifinals match!!!!

***Some Spoilers Ahead!!!*** READ AT YOUR DISCRETION!!!!!

After their previous battle in the last season both teams are raring to go!!! There is a funny scene with thr boys of Seijoh truing to bit on our little Yachi and that backfires XD Also some intense moves are made that get got me pumped and some surprises from Seijoh that just ends the episode!!!! So who knows how it will end!!!! I am soooo excited for the next ep!
I love this one. I'm a big fan of sport animes
OMG YEEEESSS!! The way it ended was a huge statement. He freaking drilled that spike.