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Okay everyone! Tomorrow is the final chapter! After that I'll be starting on an alternate ending, but it is going to take a little time for me to figure out what I'm going to do exactly. But rest assured that they're will be a little something something after the finale, even if it's not a full on ending. Parts: all found on card one

WARNING: Mature, gang related content

Youngjae gives him a questioning look. If he wanted him to do more then why'd he pull him off. "I see you don't have a gun on you at the moment. Rookie mistake." He thinks for a moment. "Yongguk. Where's your gun? He's going to borrow it for a little bit." He can arm Youngjae and disarm Yongguk all at once; killing two birds with one stone. Yongguk knows better than to go reaching for it, that's just asking to be shot, so he just lifts up his shirt enough to show it tucked into his jeans. Himchan gestures to Youngjae. "Go ahead. Take it." He hesitantly goes and grabs it. "Why are you doing this?" "You said that wasn't enough. So this should be enough right?" "But I don't want to kill him!" "He took advantage of you Youngjae. He lied to you. He made you believe your brother was a martyr who wanted you to take over for him. He had you risk your life and waste these precious years that should have been used to have gone to university and lived normally." I can see my manipulative nature mirrored in Himchan. It makes me feel dirty to know that that's who I can be at times. "Himchan please don't make him." "I'm not making him do anything. I'm just telling him the facts and giving him the resources. The decision is all on him." "You're still encouraging him to do it!" "No I'm not! It really doesn't matter to me if he does it or not. I'm giving him the option to make himself feel better. I don't care if he chooses not to because Yongguk is going to die regardless." He's going to kill him anyway? "But he protected me! Doesn't that mean anything?" "Not really. I told him if he didn't fulfill his part of the agreement that I'd kill him. This is on him." I can't believe him. I can't believe how inhuman he can be. "I can't stand you! Your actions make me sick! First prostitutes and now you're going to kill him! You're a monster!" Himchan’s face contorts in disbelief. "Prostitutes? What are you talking about?" "Don't lie to me! He told me you make prostitutes work for you!" "Sweet Jesus." He turns to look at Yongguk. "Really? Are you kidding me?" He walks over and kicks him in the stomach, causing him to recoil in pain. He didn't seem too phased by Youngjae's punches, but that sure did something. "You're seriously going to tell my sister that? Let me guess, you told her that because you told Youngjae the same thing and you didn't want him to catch on to your lie right?" "Yeah." He kicks him again. "You sure are turning out to be a piece of shit. Do you just get off on lying to people?" He gestures to Youngjae. "Are you going to do it? Make your choice. He's going to die either way." Youngjae looks at the gun in his hand. He's thinking, he's weighing the options. He could choose not to kill him, but he's going to die anyway. He could kill him himself, but does he really have it in him to do that? He could kill Himchan, but why would he kill him in order to save someone who's been lying to him. And does he really feel that strongly about this either way? I can't stand by and watch him give in to this. I go and stand in front of him and hold his face so he's focused only on me. "Please. You don't need to do this." "He deceived you too. Why do you want to save him?" "I don't. I want to save you. I want to keep you from doing something you'll regret. Something that will haunt you." "But he-" "It doesn't matter! You know that you don't want to kill him, so don't even entertain the idea!" He drops the gun. "Okay, you're right. You're right. I don't know what I was thinking." I put my forehead against his. "You weren't thinking. Himchan was thinking for you." Himchan groans. "Shut up Seunghye. You do the same thing so knock it off with the high and mighty act." When it comes to talking with me he's informal and very much like an older brother. His edgy, dangerous persona goes out the window. "And what is this anyway?" He walks over and pushes us apart. "What's going on with you and him?" "I like him, he likes me; that's about it thank you very much. And is this really a good time to talk about this?" I can't believe he picks now to be interested in my love life. "It's as good a time as any." "It's really not." He's bickering with me. He's threatening to kill someone; and he's choosing to bicker with me. "In fact, can we talk about what you're doing?" "What?" "Why are you killing him? What the hell is the point?" "Because he-" I hold up my hand to stop his talking. "Rhetorical question. If the person he screwed over isn't even willing to kill him then why should you be?" He gives up on arguing with me to avoid looking like an idiot. He glances over at Jongup and Junhong who have been watching in awe at all that's happened. He whispers, "Could you cool it with the bossy little sister thing? You know I hardly ever win with you. I'm going to look like a punk in front of these guys." I lower my voice. "I don't even want you to be in a gang. Why should I care if it functions properly or not?" "Because they could decide to kill me if they think I'm weak." "Fine. Make it look like you made the decision on your own, but you're not killing him." "You're so spoiled." "I know." He goes back to talking normally. "You know what Yongguk? Consider yourself lucky you get to live." Yongguk looks like he just witnessed a miracle. "You're going to need to leave though. And I don't mean the building. I mean you need to make your way to another part of the country. Because if I ever see you again I won't be thinking twice, and no one will be there to talk me into having mercy on you." "Okay." He looks at me. "Thank you." "You know what?" I pause for a moment, thinking about what course of action I might want to take. "Don't thank me yet."
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yes my baby lives 😤😭😭
bahahahaha OK I'll be on himchans side cuz he needs help. so cool. I hope your spin off gets him a crazy gf with his sisters personality almost here
@HayleyEastman I'm glad it's good. I was kind of iffy on whether to lighten the mood slightly but I thought it'd be cute to show his brotherly side
❤❤❤....omg that ending though ❤❤❤
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