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Their new music video! My first thought: the nineties and eighties never looked so sexy. Honestly this video has so many random scenes that I went a little screenshot crazy but it had so many perfect moments! The song is so catchy so I'm pretty sure this album will be on replay for a few days when I get it!
Colored contacts; colored contacts everywhere
I just want to say I paused the last one because of Youngjae's beautiful running

So many good feels!

The color scheme is awesome!
@destiny1419 it's amazing right! Best one I think I've seen in a long time. I giggled so much! Not sure who came up with the style choices but they worked amazingly somehow. I never knew that the US nineties style was so notable XD
I LOVE THIS VIDEO AND SONG I CANT WAIT FOR MY ALBUM TO GET HERE whoops caps lock was on. I got a little excited my buttons are worn out from screenshots I'll make a card In a few minutes some of the ones I got are the same as yours.
they are so funny and cute
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