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Seems like there won't be a day where the name 'T-Ara' doesn't pop up on Korean Media. I usually try to stay out of scandal, but this time, seriously, CCM (T-Ara's agency) just dig it own's grave and blow up any chance to clear the T-Ara name. The story, as translated by netizen buzz: When 'Sports Seoul' released an article titled "T-ara N4's American advancement conference receives no applause', representatives of Core Contents Media immediately called us and demanded that the article be edited. "This is the order of the CEO. Either edit the article or delete it. We will not be getting off work and will be waiting until it is done." They claimed that several journalists and photo reporters were at the conference and it was only 'Sports Seoul' that released a report putting the conference down, damaging the company's image. There have been cases where agencies will contact media outlets to protest certain releases, but Core Contents Media crossed the line by trying to coach the exact direction they want the articles to be written in and demanding for editing rights. The honest truth is that the conference, probably to the dismay of the agency, ended without any interest in from the reporters or questions. The next day, entertainment media outlets who specialize in this industry didn't even bother reporting their conference because of how lackluster it was and some just put up a few pictures and left it at that. 'Sports Seoul' simply pointed out the difference in atmosphere compared to the conferences of the Wonder Girls' and Psy's American advancements. We also feel regretful that we weren't able to only release articles praising the 500 member company for battling bullying rumors for nearly a year but we cannot write a novel by making things up out of thin air and calling it a report. What is even more ridiculous is that the representative told us, "The CEO is angered," as one of the reasons that we must edit the article. The next day, a representative of Core Contents Media came to our editor's office and started swearing at all of our journalists. This crossed the line. We are at a loss for words at their actions. If they can act like this to us, a media outlet, then we can only imagine how they must be to other companies and fans. It honestly worries us. One thing we know for sure is that 'Sports Seoul' will never stray from aiming for the most truthful and fair reporting no matter what power is exerted over us.