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Yet at the same time I'm like;
I never though this day would actually come, I kept telling myself I wouldn't, but I did. And what drama pulled me in you may ask? *starts inserting more gifts* *WARNING FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN'T WATCHED IT: SPOILERS AHEAD.
Hi! School: Love on was what pulled me in. Mainly because Infinite's Woohyun and Sungyeol star in it.
Whenever Woohyun's and Sungyeol's characters would fight, I couldnt help but laugh because of the fact that they're friends in real life. But I gotta admit it was kinda hot.
But other than that Woohyun and Seul Bi, were just so cute together.
Then there were times I couldn't help but ship her wth Sungyeol.
But the best moment that has happened so far (yes I haven't finished it yet )
@Isolate I'm not sure if its on DramaFever, I've been watching it on Viki. But its more that likely on DramaFever. @sarahdarwish Thank you for the list, I'll be sure to check them out when o get the chance! @TaraJenner It helps very much so. I've been seeing ads for She Was Pretty everywhere, so I guess I should take a look at that one! And me being an EXO-L I have most definitely already watched EXO Next Door, it just wasn't really a gate way into dramas for me at the time.
And I've totally missed my pun in the title. *facepalm*
I'm with you 馃槀 Kill me heal me The healer Pinocchio I hear your voice The village I'm excited and waiting for Come Back Mister And Moorim School I heard is good.
Though I shared quite a few of my favorites, I hadn't watch High School Love On until this post. Thanks for the recommendation. I loved it. May I add one more actor to my previous list of must watch? Check out Song Seung Hun in When a Man Loves and My Princess.
Of course you gotta watch the classics. Aka: "Boys Over Flowers," "Playful Kiss (the Korean version), and "My Lover From Another Star." My very first drama was "Trot Lovers," so I have to recommend that one. I think my favorites though would have to be "Moorim School," which is recent, and "Pretty Man." These are all mostly romantic comedies btw so if your not in to them you probably shouldn't watch these.馃槄 A good show to watch, if you don't like Rom.Coms., is "Running Man." It's kind of like a game show/reality show, kind of thing, but it's really funny and fun to watch! These are my recommendations. Let me know if you liked them. 馃榿馃憣
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