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We all have our favorite ships or several of them.
Do you ship someone with more than one person?
Do all your ships come from the same company?
Does your ship ship themselves?
Do you ship the oldest with one of the youngest?
Obviously there are many more ships but you can only do so many things with a 50 pictures limit. So comment your favorite ship and let's see who will win ^_^
MARKSON Foreveeeeer! yeees they ship themselves and it ship it self too hahahaha that's the ULTIMATE SHIP. .
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BaekYeol is my OTP
2 years ago·Reply
Markson all the way and they do ship themselves @luna1171
2 years ago·Reply
But does anyone want to discuss JongTae bc... That's my current OTP 😭
2 years ago·Reply
B.I and Bobby yes yes my ships do ship themselves Markson and Vkook yes I do ship more than two members the Maknae line of course 😁😁😁😁✌💞
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