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Who is your favorite ship?
We all have our favorite ships or several of them.
Do you ship someone with more than one person?
Do all your ships come from the same company?
Does your ship ship themselves?
Do you ship the oldest with one of the youngest?
Obviously there are many more ships but you can only do so many things with a 50 pictures limit. So comment your favorite ship and let's see who will win ^_^
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where is the YunHyuk couple from?
2 years ago·Reply
@KarlythePanda66 they are from Ikon
2 years ago·Reply
I'm gonna echo @Jiyongixoxo and say Nyongtory is life,I mean it's the ultimate ship, double B, Jinjun are actually sooo cute,Markson,Ravi and Leo,Yoongmin,torn between Vkook and Vhope, Todae,my sunken ships I obsessed over Yunjae, adored Hunhan oh the list is endless but the two best alltime ships Nyongtory and Yunjae, I give Nyongtory the crown cos it's still sailing
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i actually ship everything that casts a shadow... it doesn't have to be alive. Except Vkook/jikook... Kookie belongs to the people!!!
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