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so last night I had a dream with JB, Bambam, and Yugyeom in it. For some reason they were all staying at my house until they had to go to some award show which was a few days away. So while they were under my care I decided to show them around town.
the town in my dream was not at all like the town I live in. At one point I was going to bring them to this like freak show act in some alleyway, ya know like bearded lady and shit, but BamBam was not down. Then we were driving around. I was in the back seat between Yugyeom and BamBam and I remember seeing this black car pull up to a house, and as we were passing the car they started to shoot at the house. I don't know who was driving, but they sped the fuck out of there. I was holding BamBam and Yugyeom's heads down, but Yugyeom would not put his head down and I kept telling him he's going to get shot if he doesn't put his head down. Then we past another black car and I knew it before it even happened. They shot into our car and hit Yugyeom in the thigh.
after that Yugyeom like disappeared from my dream, he probably was at the hospital or something. So at this point I knew JB was around, but he wasn't appearing in my dream and I was basically just hanging out with BamBam the whole time. At one point BamBam told me that JB liked me and the only thing I can remember after that was walking to this park that I somehow knew that JB would be there and on the way to the park I kept on walking through puddles and by the time I reached the park my pants were soaked, not just the bottoms, my entire pants
then the next thing I remember was being in my house and all of these people were in my house and I'm my dream they were supposed to be my family, but in real life I had no idea who these people were. There was this voice that was talking over the phone intercom and the only thing I could hear it saying was Seoul music awards, and got7 performance. So I was running all over the house looking for JB and finally the person that was supposed to be my brother told me he was upstairs. So I went upstairs. I found JB, and he was fucking out of it. He was giggling and swaying his head back and forth. I kept on telling him that we had to go, that he had to perform and all he would respond with was 'nu-uh'. I grabbed his head and looked him straight in the eyes and told him that he needed to stop then he giggled and tried to kiss me and then I woke up lol I don't have dreams very often, but when I do it's worth the wait. Comment if you've had any Kpop related dreams or if you know what my dream is supposed to mean
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Now that's what I call a wild dream! 😦