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Slogen, Fjord Norway Slogen is perhaps the most scenic and dramatic hike in the Sunnmøre Alps in the northern part of Fjord Norway. The surrounding summits really do resemble the Alps. The hike to the top is steep, and the last part requires some easy climbing. The hike goes 1,500 metres straight up from the Hjørundfjord to the summit, and takes about five hours. Back down is a little less. There is a shorter version where you start from the Patchellhytta Mountain Lodge. This takes about half the time. Hotel Union Øye is located by the fjord. This is an old and classic wooden hotel from the 1800s. Accommodation must be booked in advance. The Triangle Route, Rondane The classic triangle hike in the Rondane National Park takes four to five days. The hike, which is a good choice for beginners, will take you around the largest mountains in Rondane. The glaciers left a lot of rocks, so good mountain boots are highly recommended. Start the hike at Rondvassbu, Bjørnhollia or Dørålseter mountain lodges. Rondane is a mountain area in Eastern Norway. Romsdalseggen, Fjord Norway Romsdalseggen is located near Molde, in the northern parts of Fjord Norway. The hike takes you over mountains, overlooking fjords, summits and waterfalls. The hike starts in the Vengedalen Valley, and you can choose among three routes, with different levels of difficulty. The most extreme route requires climbing equipment. The hike takes between six and nine hours, depending on the route you choose. You will get a view of the Romsdalsfjord and the ocean, and the mountains of Trolltindene and Romsdalshorn. Dronningruta, the Vesterålen Islands North of the Lofoten Islands lie the lesser known Vesterålen Islands. One of the most popular hikes here is the Dronningruta, named after the current Norwegian Queen, Queen Sonja, who expressed her delight and enthusiasm when doing the hike in 1994. The route includes the best Vesterålen has to offer: stunning coastline, beautiful beaches, cosy villages and dramatic mountain peaks with panoramic views. The hike starts in Stø on Langøya Island, and follows the coast towards Nyksund. From Nyksund the route takes you up into the mountains, and then back to Stø. The walk takes about eight hours. The Reisadalen Valley, Finnmark The Reisadalen Valley stretches from Kautokeino in Finnmark to Saraelv in Troms, in Northern Norway. The Finnmarksvidda Mountain Plateau is mostly flat, but this part is a lush canyon-like landscape with steep mountain sides in parts of the valley. From the town of Kautokeino, it will take you a whole day to reach Lake Reisjavri. Accommodation is available at both places, and must be booked in advance. A shorter version of the hike is to take a taxi from Kautokeino to Biedjovaggi, and hike the four kilometres from there to Reisjavri.
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Ah, what great information. I love to hike and if I ever go here, I'll have all this information. :)