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In the drama, Kim Sun Ah plays the role of Hwang Ji Ahn, a shoe designer for a famous brand. Ji Ahn is the complete package – beauty, brains, and with the money to boot. She stars opposite Lee Jang Woo, who plays Park Tae Kang, a carefree, happy-go-lucky young man who is presently in between jobs. He used to make counterfeits of designer labels, and later on becomes an employee at Ji Ahn’s company. This enviable shoe closet houses over 200 pairs of shoes – the cheapest pair costs around $100, while the most expensive one is worth more or less $2000. Add them all up, and the total worth of these shoes is a whopping $70,000! The producers explained why a lot of effort was exerted in the shoes alone, “We paid a lot of attention into this shoe closet. This is an area that expresses Hwang Ji Ahn’s die-hard love for shoes.” ‘I Do, I Do’ premieres tonight, May 30, 9:55 PM KST on MBC. Source: TV Daily via
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