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I've gotten heavily vested in anime in the last few months of my life, and it's affected me on so many levels. The fantastic and imaginative stories, the complex and foreign realms and worlds, but most of all the compelling and beautiful characters you meet. So I'm taking a new step and am going to start reading manga. I recently purchased the Final Fantasy Type-0 Collectors Edition, and with it came a 200-page manga. I'm reading it now and am thoroughly enjoying it. A new beginning for a new adventure in experiencing incredible stories!
I have come to love Final Fantasy specifically. I haven't gotten to play the game but looking forward to it. Have you guys played the game or read the manga? Did you enjoy them? Why does everyone hate FF X111 so much!? and please feel free to suggest some manga for me to start reading!
@TurtleyTurtles I feel like you can best answer this question! ^^
I'm pretty sure FF13 gets so much hate because it's easy. You can't get lost on your way to your destination, and you can't not know what your next mission is. I get it, but that's no reason to hate on it so much. As I've stated before, most Final Fantasy fans have at least one of the franchise that they don't like. (Mine is 8.) But real Final Fantasy fans will say that they dislike the game, and move on. I don't understand why people feel the need to push their views on others. I've talked about loving the trilogy, and people have told me all about how "stupid" or "wrong" I was for liking them. Well, maybe I think they're missing out, because they're dwelling on 13's linearity, and not even giving 13-2 or Lightning Returns a try. (Some have, and still don't like them, which is fine, too!) Some people complained about the Crystarium. I thought it was very similar to 10's sphere grid. You could go with any role you wanted, even though they weren't as thorough as the ones the characters were meant to be. (Example: Lightning was meant to be Commando, Ravager, and Medic, but if you chose to do Synergist with her, it costs more points and didn't get as many nodes.) Another thing about the game that I get hell for is liking Vanille. I thought her character was well done, with her going from careless and running away, to taking responsibility for what she's done, (or didn't do), and growing up. People said she was whiney and annoying, but I liked her. I loved hers and Fang's accent! Type-0 is one that I plan on getting as soon as I get a PS4. I haven't played it, yet, but it looks good. I think it's really cool that they do these side projects, like that manga. (And in English, no less!) Most of the side projects have been drama discs that come with the soundtracks. It's nice to see something different! The only manga I really got into was called Skyhigh. It follows a woman who is the guardian of the gate to the afterlife. She gives souls 3 choices; go to heaven, deny their death and wander the earth as a ghost, or vengeance on the person that caused their suffering or death, but will be cast to hell. I really enjoyed it, and wanna pick it back up.
@InVinsybll yeah square went balls out for the collectors edition, I got an art book a pretty gold steel case, a soundtrack score picked by the creator, the manga and replicas of one of the main characters', Ace, cards he uses in conjunction with his magic. and the demo for XV
I too, loved Vanille's accent, and I only got to the part where Fang showed up so I'm not very far. I'll go back to beat the 13 series for sure. I saw Vanille's potential for growth and thought she was adorable. the Crystarium was a great level up mechanic I liked it alot.
@TurtleyTurtles Very well said! I thought about tagging you but I'm glad you saw it. I think you pegged it right on the head with your assessment. It's insane that others whom didn't enjoy the 13 series would try to rob others of their enjoyment. I fell in love with final Fantasy because of 13. it was the first one I played in any depth. the characters and story and graphics were beautiful..that should be more important than game play mechanisms that can and will be tweaked. I got the FF XV demo with the Type-0 Collectors Edition and Oh. My. God!! the mechanics are totally unlike any FF, smooth and tight and incredible. beautiful graphics, awesome characters. I'm gonna be on that like. well like a nerd. thanks for the suggestions guys. keep em coming!
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