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You used to go to a school in California called, "SunnySide High School". Your mom had told you that you and your family had to move to a new country and you had to move to a new school because your dad got a job there. You were excited to have a new fresh start but sad because you had to leave your friends.
When you first landed in Seoul, You were fascinated by how clean and pretty it looked. Finally, You made it to your new home in a new country.
It was your first day of school at Sun Rise High School and you had to get ready at 6:30am. As you head to school, You felt your hand shaking as you start to tremble. As you stepped out of the car and shut the door, your mom yelled, "Bye Sweetie! Have a good first day of school!"
You felt embarrased as a group of boys were standing in front of you as they try not to laugh. You start to walk down the hallway to line up for your first class, Until, A girl's shoulder had bumped into you, Making the books in your arms falling to the ground. You here her laugh loudly as she says, "So you must be the new girl huh?"
You gathered your books together as you stood up, You see that she was like 2-3 inches taller than you. You look up at her as she says, "I'm Daniella Lewis and you are?"
Your voice quietly cracks as you respond, "(Y/N)".
She laughs as she flicks your forehead, "Ewww, Ugly name. What kind of name is (Y/N)? Wow, Your parents must've really hated you."
You ignore her and walk away but she kicks your backpack really hard as she yells out,
"See you at lunch...(Y/N)..."
You look around the caferteria to find a table, But most of the tables were taken. You see there was an empty seat in the back right corner of the room. You head over and sit down as you grabbed chips from your backpack. As you eat the chips, You hear a lot of loud voices coming towards you. You look up to see a group of boys and girls, But what caught your eye was a boy who's hand was holding...Daniella's.
"What are you looking at fool?" She asks loudly to make everyone's head turn.
You look away as you felt a loud bang on the table, "Hey!"
You look up to see her staring into your soul as she speaks with angry eyes.
"I asked you a question. What are you looking at fool?"
" A girl who's breath smells and is spitting in my face."
You hear everyone whispering to each other as they say "Ooohhhh!!!!"
"You have messed with the wrong person." She tells you as she slaps the chips out of your hand. You pick it up as you hear a boy say, "No one messes with my girlfriend..."
You look up and see it was the boy who was holding hands with Daniella.
I see her look up at me with wonder, "She's your girlfriend?"
"Yeah Jealous?"
"No. How can you date someone like her? Do you not see who she really she is?"
I look at Daniella, Then back to her, "I'm attracted to her, She's attracted to me. I see her as her, Nothing else."
She stands up as she looks directly into my eyes, "Who are you anyway?"
"I'm Dong Youngbae, But everyone calls me Taeyang."
"Okay..." She leaves the room as she looks down. I felt awkward just talking to her. I go and walk back to Daniella who was surrounded by a group of boys. I wrap my arms around her waist as I kiss her cheek, Just to let everyone know who she belongs too.
"Hey Babe, Can you go and get me something to drink?" She asked me seductively. I smile at her as I go find something, I just grabbed a water bottle. I gave her the water bottle and head out of the room. I see that same girl by herself with a pencil and a notebook. I walk towards her as I knock the pencil out of her hand. She looks at me before picking it back up to start drawing again. I knock it out again to see her reaction,
"Yah! Stop doing that!" She yells. I laugh because her screaming was cute but ignorant.
"What are you drawing?"
"None of your business."
I smile as I go find my friends. I see them hanging out by the gym, as usual.
"Hey!!!" They all scream at me. I gave a handshake to all 4 of the guys. I look up at a guy who's voice says, "Who's that girl over there? She's pretty," The voice belonged to Seungri.
"I guess she's pretty, But not as pretty as Daniella."
"Whatever Hyung, You fall for the hoes and sluts that have sugar daddy's" Daesung said as he laughs.
"No!!! That's not true!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, trying to defend her, But I see both of my hyungs nod in agreement. I frown as I speed walk away from the scene.
You start to head home from this living hell until you hear a loud voice yell,
"Yah! Wait up!"
You turn around in wonder to see Taeyang running towards you. You immediately turn around and ignore him. You felt his arm around your shoulders as he says,
"Why didn't you wait for me?"
"Because I didn't want too, Leave me alone Youngbae."
He gets mad as his mouth scrunches, "Don't call me that."
"Whatever, Youngbae." You laughed. He smiles as you run away from him, He chases you until you stopped to see Daniella standing there, Tapping her foot as her arms are crossed into each other. She motions her finger back and forth with a dirty smirk as she looks into his eyes. She starts to make out with him in front of me. But You walk away as they keep sucking the souls each other. You finally made it home to see someone had taped a note on my front door, it reads, "Watch Your Back!!" You rip off the paper and throw it away, That night, You felt scared and awared, You knew it must've been Daniella or one of her friends, Or Youngbae!
You yell out loudly to yourself as you open the door. You throw your backpack on your bed as you take out your phone. You realized that no one was home but only you, You played "Drip Drop" by Taemin on the loudest volume and started to sing along.
You heard a ding, You look at your phone to se that you had received a text from your mom that says, "I won't be home til late. Go over to your friend's house or your boyfriend's house."
You grunt loudly as you walk out of the door. You head over to a park that was about 15 minutes away from your house. You sit on a bench and scroll around through Vingle. You found a cute Vernon based fanfic called "Beautiful Bastard pt.1"
You fangirled as you hear something roll on the road. You frown as you look over your shoulder to see Taeyang skateboarding down the street. You roll your eyes in dispair as you go back to reading. You hear him walking towards you as he sits right next to you.
"What are you reading?" He asked.
"A fanfic."
"Who about?"
"His name is Vernon, He's from the group Seventeen." You told him as you kept reading. "You mean that half korean dude who looks like Leonardo Dicaprio?"
You smile and laugh as you say, "Yeah that's Vernon alright."
You felt his knee touch your leg which made you feel butterflies. You look at him to see him smiling at you.
"Why are you smiling?" You asked him as you smile widely.
"Because...You're to cute."
You blush as you ask him, "Oh really?"
He nods a yes as he looks down shyly. You realize that he was taken. You get up and start to walk away until you felt his fingers wrapped around your wrist, Spinning you in circles. "Yeah, You're cute. But I'm taken, If I were single, I'd definitely make you mine."
You smile as you look down. You felt his hand touch your chin as he lifts you head up.
You look into his eyes as you felt his breath touch your face," Before I met you, I never knew what it was like to be able to look at someone and smile for no reason."
You smile slightly as you remove his hand and walk towards the swing. You sit down and go on your phone. He stands behind you and rests his chin on your head as his arms wrapped around your waist. You wanted to let go but it felt so right to be in his arms. But you snap out of it and push him away.
"Stop it Youngbae!" You yelled.
" Why?"
"I don't want to deal with your girlfriends problems."
He strokes your hair as he whispers into your ear, "She doesn't have too know."
You look at him as you push him. You get up and walk away home and sleep the way throughout the night.
Youngbae.... Your such a player omg, I hope you guys enjoyed it!
Here's the link if you want to @AmberFranco fanfic, It's really cute and that was the story I mentioned. Love you guys!!!! XD
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