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This webcomic just reminds me that I'm seriously overdue for a new pair of glasses. I feel like I'm finally, finally getting to a point where I need to surrender to the almighty bifocal.
How many of you wear glasses? How old were you when you started? Let's swap stories, Four Eyeses.
Just got my first pair of reading glasses this summer. Only one eye needed it, but monacles are so last year.
My visually enhanced bros! <3 I have been wearing glasses since 5th grade. No bifocals yet but my eye doctor has told me the time is approaching hahaha. You can do it @danidee!
@ebethoven I think that's part of the reason I prefer glasses to contacts. There is such a wide range that you can transform yourself. I usually have 2 pairs for different style options. Also, I've worn them for so long that I wouldn't feel the same without them.
I...I wear clear lens glasses all the time. just because I'm a shy guy and I feel like I can just hide behind my glasses I feel like somebody else when I'm wearing them 馃憮
5th grade. love my ocular accessories
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