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6 Things You've Said As A Noona Fan

Noona fans are pretty special.

We will protect our baby biases to the end, and we're pretty cute too!

Here are a few things every noona fan has said:

1. When your baby bias starts acting like they aren't a baby anymore.

2. When someone brings up how far apart you and your baby bias' birthdays are.

3. When you get overprotective of your baby bias.

4. When your baby bias posts pictures of themselves drinking now that they're legal.

5. When people call you creepy for your over-protective noona love.

(embrace the creep)

6. When you have to admit that your 20 year old bias isn't a baby anymore.

Stay strong noona fans.

Fight the good fight.

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I'm a noona im 28 and my UB group is bts and tae is my UB and idc lol love my babies love tae tae ♡♡
a year ago·Reply
what the fuck
a year ago·Reply
I'm older then all my bias' but age is just a number and all my guys are over 21 so who cares let me enjoy the beauty of youth
a year ago·Reply
I haven't been. a noona yet when the day comes I'll be happy I want to know what the feelz are when your a noona for now all I have are oppas lol even saying oppa feelz weird lol I have husbands lol jkjk
a year ago·Reply
Don't forget us hyung fans. lol.
a year ago·Reply