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This actually made me want to look it up and see if it's true, and IT IS. Hippos actually kill more people annually than sharks! They kill roughly 2,900 people a year. Apparently, male hippos are extremely territorial of their stomping ground, and female hippos will attack anyone who proves to be a threat to their babies. Plus they can run 20 mph, which is weird because I always imagined them to be really slow.
As for sharks? Six people at most. (Kind of makes you wonder what the movie 'Jaws' would've been like if it were a hippo attacking that boat.)
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@YourConscience LOL Yay dad jokes.
lol I'm not a dad I'm a loan shark
@YourConscience I'm a pool shark! I love me a good deep end.
lol sounds sorta bad..don't drown in your thoughts
@YourConscience I'm trying to stay afloat!