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I don't know if any of you know about this product but a friend of mine started it and recommended it to me. Anyways I thought to myself that I'll so the 8 week challenge and maybe it will be something that works for me.
Basically Thrive is a vitamin/nutrient product to help manage weight, and just in general help with your mental and physical health by giving your body needed vitamins and minerals. There are three steps or two depending on what you choose. (I did just start so I'm not a complete expert on the product)
The first step is to take two vitamin pills right as you wake up. The second and third step is recommended 20 minutes later and that is a nutrient shake and the optional third is the DFT patch, presumably standing for dermafusion technology but that's a guess. I'm still iffy about the patch, I've had courses in nutrition and generally some vitamins or minerals can be helpful for surface cells but being absorbed by the skin and have it go into the bloodstream is pretty unlikely. Supposedly one of the components of the patch allows these things to cross that barrier. All of the products are composed of natural ingredients.
They say it takes about 8 weeks to see a significant change so here's to my official day one not on the sample pack. I will say that the shakes make a filling breakfast even if I just use milk. I'm usually pulling candy out of the vending machine at 9 o'clock (I'm at work by 6) and I'm starving...when I was on the sample pack after having a shake I wasn't hungry until lunch nd my craving for a large meal was not so intense. I'm not overweight but I am significantly less active in my new way of life while my appetite is still pretty high. Many people claim they get energy (the shakes have caffeine from black tea, so it's not recommended to have more caffeine while using) I'm pretty energetic at work but when I get home im an exhausted mess. People who have been using the product say they feel energized through out the whole day. I have a hard time motivating myself to work out so I thought I'd look for another alternative, that might even give me the energy to spare for a workout. If anyone's interested I can make a follow up card, or if someone here is already using thrive maybe they can share their experience or knowledge.