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So about a month ago my grandma, who lives 6 hours away, fell and was out in the snow for 8 hours before someone found her. She got admitted to the hospital then got released after a couple days even though she was starting to swell up in her abdomen and her arm she had cancer in several years ago and was always at a certain angle since then and since she fell it was at a different one. She got readmitted to the hospital when her abdomen had started to hurt. For the next month she was in the hospital with an ileus and had several things go wrong because the hospital is terrible and the doctors don't truly care about their patients. So on Monday my mom was able to get her discharged and to a rehabilitation center up here where we live. The hospital she was at basically starved her the entire month so yesterday she was taken to the hospital here in an ambulance because her potassium levels were too low. My mom works as a nurse at the hospital and she tried to put a tube down to her ileus to try and relieve it but it was hurting too bad that my grandma was yelling for my aunt to make it stop, so scared to not be able to tell my mom to stop. Then the doctor started talking about surgery and she got even more scared. She started to believe she's going to die in the hospital. A couple hours later, my mom calls my dad, crying, and tells him that she's in critical condition and that the next 24 hours are crucial. My mom went to the hospital to check on her and said that she's better but not by much. My grandma's sister is staying with her and my mom is working tonight so she'll be able to make sure she's taken care of.
Throughout this entire thing, I'm the only one in my family who hasn't cried. My brother even cried yesterday and he NEVER cries. I just feel..numb I guess. I guess it hasn't sunk in quite yet that my grandma could die. That I'm never going to see her again. I haven't seen her since the beginning of December. I feel depressed. Like I'm just..I feel useless. I get periods of feeling high strung. Like I should be doing something, but there's nothing I can do. I am utterly useless.
@JaxomB yes she is. And actually @AmberRelynn @Ercurrent @DestinaByrd @ChaErica @Gladness @LemonLassie @CuteBabyLay @VIPFreak2NE1 @ILikeHisFace123 @CallMeMsDragon @RebeccaLondon @AliyahHowell @SugalessJams @Miss148 @drummergirl691 @LysetteMartinez @yuusa my mom asked the hospital about her coming to our house with in home care and they said it's possible but they're going to see if her insurance will pay for it and if they will then she'll be out of the hospital and with us on Sunday and will have someone come by once a day to bathe her etc. until she gets better so for a few months. I went to see her yesterday after her colonoscopy and the doctor said she's doing fine. She's finally stopped having diaherra after a month of nonstop diaherra. She had her first solid meal for the first time in a month this morning and ate ALL of it. Her breathing was a little weird and she was slurring her words a bit yesterday but my mom says that it's just because of the drugs she got from the colonoscopy and because she was so tired. She's all good though. Today the doctors started having her transfer from her bed to a commode next to her bed rather than having the nurses come in every hour to change her diaper. But 👍🏻
@AmberRelynn @Ercurrent @DestinaByrd @ChaErica @Gladness @LemonLassie @CuteBabyLay @VIPFreak2NE1 @ILikeHisFace123 @CallMeMsDragon @RebeccaLondon @AliyahHowell @SugalessJams @Miss148 @drummergirl691 @JaxomB @LysetteMartinez alright so this might be a bit of a tmi but they put a tube up her butt yesterday to drain her diaherra because they found e.coli in her catheter meaning that the other hospital and the rehab center where not cleaning her well enough and had my mom not gotten her to the hospital when she did, my grandma would have gotten a serious infection and died. Ever since they added the tube, the swelling in her abdomen has gone down a lot. The doctor wants to do a scope on her today to see if her ileus has gone because if it hadn't he thinks she's well enough for surgery. My mom is trying to see if once my grandma is well enough to be discharged from the hospital, she can come straight to our house instead of fulfilling her 20 days in rehab.
@JaxomB @AmberRelynn @Ercurrent @DestinaByrd @ChaErica @Gladness @LemonLassie @CuteBabyLay @VIPFreak2NE1 @RebeccaLondon @ILikeHisFace123 @CallMeMsDragon @AliyahHowell @SugalessJams @Miss148 @drummergirl691 @LysetteMartinez @yuusa alright so I just went to see her and the doctor came in and said that tomorrow or Sunday they're releasing her to the rehab center so she can get stronger with people who are trained to help her and then by Thursday, she should be able to come with us. She's terrified and crying though because she's scared she'll never get out of the hospital, but she's perfectly fine now other than her feet. Her ileus is going away and when it's gone she'll be able to take deep breaths again. All in all she's good. Thank you for all your concerns and stuff like that.
@JaxomB @AmberRelynn @Ercurrent @DestinaByrd @ChaErica @Gladness @LemonLassie @CuteBabyLay @VIPFreak2NE1 @ILikeHisFace123 @CallMeMsDragon @RebeccaLondon @AliyahHowell @SugalessJams @Miss148 @drummergirl691 @LysetteMartinez @yuusa ah it seems we may have spoke too soon. Physical therapy tried to get her out of her bed this morning and she could only take a couple steps because her feet her so bad. They're doing X-rays now but they aren't going to release her unless she can get out of bed with just one persons help which doesn't seem likely any time soon
@MaeLyn That's amazing! my prayers worked! Still gonna keep them up tho :)
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