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Yesterday's promises
Demand a not so subtle inquiry
Into the aftermath of envy.
Love's landscape
Littered with casualties
Offers strength for the strong
And chocolate for the weak.
(doesn't do much good)
Shipwrecked (inner) selfs decline
In opposition
As if to start some
New revolution for the sad.
Emptiness is the culprit,
Always the culprit....
Running redlights,
Causing emotions to unravel,
Causing thoughts to do absolutely
Anything required of them....
Forcing all the right words
To complete the mission
And providing sanctuary
For secrets
(being economical with the truth)
Which of course leaves
No one to blame
Except for the sun;
Mocking the moon
With a hostile takeover at dawn.
(mildly exaggerated)
Which totally sets up an
Imminent chain reaction
And then of course
It lures more
Unsuspecting onlookers
Into it's menacing cycle....
A new day of detours;
The love parade.