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Am I the only one who ships Jimin with Tony?! Like it feels like there was a huge bond between them two. The way Jimin acted every time Tony showed up to the way Jimin calls him. It must've been love at first sight... GAAAAWD, THEY WERE SO CUTE TOGETHER!!!!!!
Jimin made their manager follow Tony on Twitter so he can be updated on what he is doing.
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I ship it!!! Jimin looked like he was really attached to him 💝 so cute!!
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@BiancaMason Chim Chim is an endearing nickname their manager gave Jimin and Tony really liked it so he started calling him Chim Chim instead of Jimin.....personally, I think Jimin liked the nickname.
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I ship them too!! Finally another Jony shipper! I just love the way Jimin says 'Tony~~' like he is saying 'Honey~~'. And how Tony calls Jimin 'Chim Chim'. And it's so sweet how Tony drunk the yogurt even though it would upset his stomach, just to make Jimin happy!! Ahh!! So cute!!😊😊😊
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@KpopGaby I hope they do!!! Or atleast keep in touch!
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