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Am I the only one who ships Jimin with Tony?! Like it feels like there was a huge bond between them two. The way Jimin acted every time Tony showed up to the way Jimin calls him. It must've been love at first sight... GAAAAWD, THEY WERE SO CUTE TOGETHER!!!!!!
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@BiancaMason Chim Chim is an endearing nickname their manager gave Jimin and Tony really liked it so he started calling him Chim Chim instead of Jimin.....personally, I think Jimin liked the nickname.
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Tonyyy~~~ I love the way he says his name all affectionate like 馃槀 and he calls him Chim Chim this is adorable haha
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@MadAndrea I know ^_^ it's so adorable I just wish they could've shown more of them together
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He even drank the milk, knowing it hurts him 馃槺鉂わ笍
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@Deluzional That's true love right there
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