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Last week, @IvanDiaz @BlackoutZJ and a few others got on my case when they found out I didn't finish Charlotte. So I decided to make this challenge card!

The Challenge: Convince me to finish watching these anime that I dropped!

You can do it in the comments, you can write a card about why I should watch it, whatever! Just try to convince me :3 If you succeed, I will actually go finish it :P

1. Charlotte.

This one started the challenge so it goes first! I got tired of this show by episode 3, stopped watching by episode 5 or 6. Why should I keep going?

2. Non Non Biyori

I honestly don't remember how far I got in this, and I /enjoyed/ it, but....there was just nothing keeping me going. The stakes are never that high, it was cute and slice of life-y, but why should I finish for that? TELL MEEEEE.

3. Attack on Titan

(dont' kill me). Here's the thing, I stopped this probably around episode 8, but I feel like I've seen it all?? I think what ruined AoT for me was the fact that it is EVERYWHERE so I just feel like I've seen it. Why should i watch the actual episodes? Tellll meeee! ;)

Have at it!!

(and maybe make your own version of this, it might be fun :P)
I dunno why the hell you haven't watched Charlotte. It's great. It's sad. It's a favorite of many people. I don't understand how you found it boring.
I laughed, smile, and cry during Charlotte. one of my favorite animes ever
I have only seen Charlotte and attack on titan. honestly I don't see how you couldn't get into Charlotte. I can't remember exactly what episode it is that it starts to get good. at first it seems like a school life anime about kids with powers, about half way though it takes a different slightly darker turn though.
@KarageChan @MacielMorales @PauChica The Charlotte fans have spoken! I think I will give it another shot ^^
ok charlotte may be boring at first but it gets really good, ill try not to spoil. First off the MC gets way more badass later and so do a few other characters. The little sister gets a way bigger part in the show and there is this huge secret that im pretty sure nobody expected to happen
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