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Last week, @IvanDiaz @BlackoutZJ and a few others got on my case when they found out I didn't finish Charlotte. So I decided to make this challenge card!

The Challenge: Convince me to finish watching these anime that I dropped!

You can do it in the comments, you can write a card about why I should watch it, whatever! Just try to convince me :3 If you succeed, I will actually go finish it :P

1. Charlotte.

This one started the challenge so it goes first! I got tired of this show by episode 3, stopped watching by episode 5 or 6. Why should I keep going?

2. Non Non Biyori

I honestly don't remember how far I got in this, and I /enjoyed/ it, but....there was just nothing keeping me going. The stakes are never that high, it was cute and slice of life-y, but why should I finish for that? TELL MEEEEE.

3. Attack on Titan

(dont' kill me). Here's the thing, I stopped this probably around episode 8, but I feel like I've seen it all?? I think what ruined AoT for me was the fact that it is EVERYWHERE so I just feel like I've seen it. Why should i watch the actual episodes? Tellll meeee! ;)

Have at it!!

(and maybe make your own version of this, it might be fun :P)
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ok charlotte may be boring at first but it gets really good, ill try not to spoil. First off the MC gets way more badass later and so do a few other characters. The little sister gets a way bigger part in the show and there is this huge secret that im pretty sure nobody expected to happen
Okay I'll convince you. They're good so watch them. Seriously. They're really good. Of course I've only completed AoT but hey at least I'm trying
@KarageChan @MacielMorales @PauChica The Charlotte fans have spoken! I think I will give it another shot ^^
thank God you'll give Charlotte another try it might be boring at first but plz give it a change I really can't say anything without spoiling
Charlotte is worth the last few episodes