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So we know kpop idols have amazing bodies and many of them have become hot topics for their weight loss! Here's a card dedicated to your favorite idols with hot bods ;)

1. Abs

Probably a noona favorite, these beautiful washboard stomachs are widely known as chocolate abs.

Like, seriously. I could do my laundry on that stomach.

2. Legs

From honey thighs to slender, thin legs, we all obsess over k-idols' gracious legs. It almost inspires me to lose thigh fat, but I love fried chicken too much. Sorry.

G-Dragon's legs reach me on a spiritual level.

3. Arms

Forget the stereotype that asians are scrawny, lanky humans. You don't need to be John Cena to have hot arms.

I would drag myself through a mile of needles for arms like that.

4. Eyes

Many people think you need double eyelids to be considered beautiful. WRONG! Monolids and hooded eyes are just as awesome.

Love your eyes the way they are. You don't need surgery to "fix" anything.

5. Lips/Mouth

I don't know, man. I'm a sucker for plump lips. Also, having a big mouth makes your smile all the more brighter :)

Imagine kissing Daehyun or Jongin... Damn Son.

6. Neck

Whether you have a long neck, or a super obvious Adams apple, necks are a beautiful creation.

I mean, that's where idols' angelic voices come from, right?

7. Fingers

I think it's really attractive when guys have long, slender fingers... So hot. Girls also have lovely fingers as well, and their manicures too!

Yongguk has beautiful princess-looking fingers lol.

8. Jawline

Last but not least, any fangirl's favorite: The jawline. And if you think that only guys can have sharp jawlines, think again.

I could give myself a papercut with these jaws.

But, guys. This post is only a body Appreciation card. I'm not saying you guys need all this to look like a sexy piece of "can't touch this". The definition of beauty doesn't include skinny or muscular. They're just standards society have for us... Embrace the body you have right now, and strive for improvement only for yourself. Not for the enjoyment of others.


Is there anyone I missed? Tell me who has amazing body parts in the comments! Thanks for reading~ ♡
Thanks for killing me, I really appreciated that @daljiyong. Time to crawl into a ball and make non human noises for 5 minutes and then probably fall asleep. I should go to sleep soon...
You missed a body part! Butts, I mean Jibooty, Chabooty, and Sebooty kill in that category!
oh okay i didnt know that but yes i believe it is what i have cuz i have basically no upper lid cuz the skin hangs down so theres no actual crease
also the first girl on thighs row has such great legs! thats what i want!
i love this so much! i always strive for idols bodies so much! it dont help that im already uncomfortable with my body anyways. anyways i was who the following people listed are 3-4-5 on 1st row 1 on 2nd row and what is hooded eyes? i thought people could only have monolids or double lids? and also whos on last on the row talking about eyes?
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