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So....you might know already, but I'm SUPER ANXIOUS for summer to come already so I can check out the next season of Love Live! The season will have 9 new girls, starting a new idol group, and I'm really excited!
The individual member intros have been going on for some time now, but I've been reluctant to follow too closely because I really need to see the characters in action to see who I am most pulled towards.

Still, I decided to watch Kanan's and holy crap, I think it's gonna be her!!!

Her design always interested me the most while looking at previews, and now, hearing her in action, I'm still a fan!

Translation of the video!

I'll make cards for the rest of the Aquors girls, too, once I feel like it ^-^
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@arnelli lol thank you for your excitement XD
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@hikaymm NO PROB
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I'm so excited IDK who will be my favorite girl yet but I'm so excited
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