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Turns out that Satansoo is alive and well, even in America.

According to a fan account from the Chicago show:


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The Chicago show was full of SatanSoo! Hitting and mocking Chanyeol, telling Suho he wasn't funny (in English no less), and making fun of us. Baekhyun teased us too. I MISS THEM SO MUCH ALREADY!
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@AbbyRamey @AmandaWhitehead at least y'all got to see them :(
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Satansoo appeared when he said I am king kong and hit Chanyeol in the stomach 馃槀
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he also told Suho that he isn't funny in english
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it wasn't even kyungsoo that said that it was baekhyun. also it was about getting the song lyrics wrong not the change but kyungsoo was satansoo the whole show. it was great. he punched chanyeol in the chest for saying he looked like king kong. and he messed with Suho and little kaisoo moments. it was so cute. God I miss these boys
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