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Every year we all follow the same pattern for exams. We want to start studying in advance, we promise ourselves that we will do it, but it always ends up the same way. For almost everybody. In fact, if it weren't for the fear of failing your exams, it would be quite funny. These cute cat GIFs perfectly sum up everybody's exam study pattern.
1. You suddenly realise that there is only a month to go for final examinations
2. But you decide that you will get serious about it after the weekend, that is, next week.
3. Two weeks later, you remember exams again and you diligently chart out a timetable.
4. You start studying, according to the timetable. But you need a beverage to go for study time.
5. You sit down half hour later, with your beverage, but your friends' group suddenly becomes active and you're busy WhatsApping back and forth.
6. Your friend drops in to invite you for some impromptu shopping date and you happily tag along.
7. Two days later, you remember that you had started studying, and left it halfway there.
8. This time you swear to be diligent. But it's the weekend and your parents are happily curled up on the sofa watching a film. You can't resist joining them
9. It's only a week before for exams now and you're starting to slightly panic. But then you now have lab and record book submissions. You spend all night working on it.
10. Three days to go and you now have cold fear. You now spend all the time between meals studying.
11. Two days to go and you're now burning the midnight oil.
12. The night before the exam, you swear that the next time onward you will study well in advance, knowing fully well that it will never happen.
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Lmao #11 is definitely me before an exam. I procrastinate so hard, so when it comes to the last 48 hours, I'm in cram mode.