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Recognize this pillow?? 😆😆

First off, sorry I haven't been posting…I'm getting a fan-fic ready so I can post it on here. Plz understand thank you^^
so I was at the mall w/ my parents and grandparents and we were just walking around looking at stuff, when I saw these yellow pillows. I finally realized what they where, emoji pillows. I immediately thought of Astro and I looked for the same one and as soon as I laid my eyes on it I knew I had to have it and it was $11 worth well spent^^
Here's the video w/ the pillow in it. You can watch it from the beginning until it shows it or can just skip 3:00
And I also took the liberty to look for websites where you can get emoji pillows too^^ (these are the website names) OpenSky Emoji All Etsy eBay Society6 Amazon Throwboy Shelfies Emojistuff boohoo
these guys are so adorable
that video was so cute 💖💖💖
I need one!!!! OMG!!!
I have one too!
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