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Okay really late on this one. Sorry! Anywho here are my results for the next part! Recap: I pretty much found out who they are now and I am in the park crying when Nichkhun came out of nowhere.
1. W-What are you doing?! Put me down! (Squirms) 2. I said put me down! 3. (Stays silent with head down) 4. (Looks at him) As long as you guys tell me what I want to know. 5. (Glares) 6. Woo-- (Cut off) 7. S-stop! (Tries to stay upset) 8. (Looks at Junho) ? 9. What?
10.(Tries to hide the laughter behind hand) 11.(Same as above^) 12. (Clears throat and tries to act like I wasn't laughing) 13. (Blushes) What are y-- 14. (Glares) Junho? Were you? 15. (Red from embarrassment ) 16. (Sleeping) 17. Mm? (Wipes mouth to make sure no drool XD) 18. Huh? Okay! 19. (Yes this would be my reaction most likely )
20. I guess.... But I still have questions. 21. (Stares and slowly turns red throughout the performance) ((Why?! I can't take the music video!!)) 22. Taecyeon, Jun, Chansung! I'm going to lay down don't bother me! 23. Nichkhun? Couldn't sleep either? 24. ? (Looks at him confused) 25. Hmm? To be continued....
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Jun.K was jeaalousss at the end LOL