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This is my first attempt at writing a fanfic and so I would love all the advice you could give me. 🤗
There he was.
The mint-grass hair slightly appearing in the crowd bobbing up and down. You couldn't help but laugh a little. He was short. But to you he was perfect. But as you looked more closely from the window you noticed something.
He wasn’t alone. There was a beautiful woman holding his hand and laughing every time he said something. It was then you wished you were her. But it was too late.
It was bad enough you had to see him with another woman. It wasn’t helping that in less than a few minutes he would come into the restaurant you worked in and order dinner for two. As the door opened and they walked in you turned around to hide your tears. You had to take their order either way so you wiped away whatever streaks had formed on your cheeks from your tears and sucked in your breath. You only had to take their order.
While waiting for Yoongi and his companion, as you told yourself, to order dinner you started placing glasses of water on their table. You couldn’t help but pause and stare at his long lashes and his eyes. They were big and...that’s when you accidentally made contact with him by staring too long. Pretending you were looking at the setting sun you flashed a waitress’ smile and when they finally ordered you rushed away to hide. Your face was deep red and splashing cold water on it wasn’t going to help. Nothing was going to help you get over a guy like Yoongi.
You peered from over-the-counter trying to get a peek at his face. You didn’t want to stare but staring at him in real-life was different than staring at him from behind a screen.
As they finished their dinner you took one last glance at him before placing the bill on the table.
It was as if he didn’t recognize you.
But then why would he? He never would have known how you looked since you never sent him a picture. To make yourself feel even worse you go through all your chats with him deeply regretting everything. If only you had sent one picture. If only you had met him at the pond. If only you had…
It was too late for regrets. He was happy with his “companion” and at nighttime he would probably chat all about her smile and her laugh and her everything. You just didn’t want to go through that. After all you had met through chat. Online. On your phone.
How he got your number was a silly miracle that made you laugh every time he would bring it up.
“SO much dishes to wash. Out of all duties why did I get washing the dishes,” you yell over the steaming water as you wash dish after dish. It was only after three hours were you finally done with all the dishes and you were walking home disgusted with your day of work. Your phone had rung and being the tired person, you decided to answer assuming it was your best friend. “I hated today...and after rambling for almost ten minutes you stopped. Your friend’s laughter couldn’t be heard over the receiver, and you looked down at the screen and noticed a random number. You quickly apologized and hung up but there was no sound from the other end. It was almost too creepy.
Dragging yourself up to the stairs of your apartment you unlocked the door and crashed onto the sofa. And that’s when you noticed it. A chat with a new person had opened up and you had no clue who the person was. The message included some advice and their apology for not replying back on the phone.
After all the crap you went through at work you didn’t need a sympathetic message from a stranger who you had accidently rambled on about your day. So to end this problem you had created, you apologized once again for answering the wrong number and thanked them for taking the time to respond. You had closed the issue once and for all. Or so you thought.
He continued to text you and you couldn’t help but text him back after your phone had stopped working because of the 200 messages he had sent in less than two days for not replying back.
Finally getting off your shift and ending your dreadful day you once again dragged yourself to the couch. Forcing yourself to stay awake wasn’t an option because your vision started to blur and then it seemed as if your bedroom was too far away.
Just like Yoongi.
He was far away too.
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this was good like omf now excuse me while I go cry
First time or not , I find you are good in your writing . So , keep on writing. Tag me with the continuation .
I think it's great so far!
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