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I'm so stressed out rn because I found out my guy friend is planning on asking me to prom, he talked to my mom about and he told her he wants to go as friends but he isn't capable of being just friends with girls for very long and I'm like stressing because I've always wanted to go to a prom because I was homeschooled and never had dances but then all my ex friends will be there and he might think he's getting his foot in the door to be more than friends and I'm like NO THANK YOU I ONLY LOVE OPPA I'M SORRY PLEASE GO AWAY *hides in sweater* Oh my stress... *sobs*
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@DeeNice lol yeaaaah nooo he can keep dreaming I guess aha
@JiyongLeo awww. well hopefully he'll be able to find another date otherwise he'll have to go stag (like me 😭😭😭)
@JustinaNguyen I hope he will, if he doesn't I'll feel horrible
I would go. My prom was awesome...I went with a group though....
Sorry about your problems but that. Gif is funny where can I watch it