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Hey guys sup this is kalyan and ok i know probably i am going to get a lot of hate but the truth guys cmon we all have that one anime that is just popular or not that we hate. so my question is what is yours let me know in the comments section beltow until then next time guy's see ya! if you want we can have a debate on it too!
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@DanaNikole89 that damned spider butler
2 years ago·Reply
dragon ball z and one piece
2 years ago·Reply
one punch man
2 years ago·Reply
Some of you all are hating the anime on pure art style or the first episodes. That's like judging a book by its cover. My point is that if you haven't seen enough it to know what's going on then don't say you dislike it. P.S. Dragon Ball can't be disliked because of it being the first anime to become extremely popular in the west which means a lot of people liked it. It does have a shitty plot though lol.
2 years ago·Reply
@SuperSaiyanWolf I grew out of DBZ when new one came out, I mean I love it when I was three killing time for the doctors office but once they added in new things and different plots it died down like a flavor to chewing gum
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